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Block You Out

a poem by thenorm


Just yesterday, I opened the door,

But today, I'll shut it, don't want any more.

I can read your handwriting upon the wall,

But I can pass right by, it says nothing at all.

And believe me baby, I can feel your pain,

Your heat breaks in the Pouring Rain.

I can even see the tears that you never cry

But tears are just rivers, about to run dry.

I can read your face like any kind of book.

See the pain behind the smile, that silly little look.

But if the time has come to let you know,

I'll just let you think I've stayed solo.

I can feel your rage as you swing your fists;

But I feel you know me much more than this,

So I close the door, I erect a wall.

The cost is much too great to fall.

And the things you say that plague my mind,

Well, I'll just block you out, every single time.

I'll never let you see You've touched my Soul;

Never let You know I lost some control.

The eyes are mirrors, merely reflecting the soul,

But I had mine tinted so long ago.

When the time has come to pay our dues,

You've nothing on me, nor I on you.

I'll take the easy way, there will be no shouts.

I'm sure you know I've blocked you out.


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