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a poem by thenorm





Hidden away in emptiness

Is the only loneliness

That I have felt within my heart

And a fire that never starts.

My own self hides alone,

Living in some shallow home.

Take me closer, yet away -

For my soul has naught to say.

And in the forest, in the trees,

Told about in the breeze,

Is the Darkness, my old friend

Come to call me once again.

Have I never seen your face?

Tender years do dare erase.

But Darkness, come with me and see

My lonely life lived by the Sea.

Did we ever run to play?

Words not heard, my only say.

Living in some shallow heart

Is a fire that never starts.

Come and see my living shell,

For I live but a hermit well.

Come inside, I pray thee stay,

Lest my soul doth slide away.

Darkness, Darkness, pray for me,

You stand near my Silent Sea.

Darkness, Darkness, never tire,

Come and see my soulless fire.






Lost inside another dream,

I live within my livid schemes.

Another trip sent by horseback,

I live on the Riding Track.

And voices never heard before

Call me through unshielded doors.

I can all but feign to hope -

Another spell within my scope.

And you never even knew

That I could be so lost like you.

Falling into searing flames,

I've no time to beckon names.

People called do listen not,

I plunge through boards begun to rot.

Plunging into Satan's Hell -

God save me, O I love Thee well.

Another cry sang in respite -

O my tears do feign but bite.

Did'st thou even see my fall?

'Twas your name I could but call.

Running far from Beelzebub,

Another One did kill the cub.

I pray Thee save me from my soul -

God help my plight on Fading Toll!

God, I pray to Thee Divine,

Hoping I am not the Swine.

Crimson River, by my eyes,

Another vision in the skies.

And never found can be Thy Light,

Guiding through this wretched night.

And you have never come to know

The feelings that I never show.

Stuck inside a Tolling Bell,

I go off to meet my Hell.

Were but the questions in your eyes?

I saw only cloudy skies.

Once or twice, to touch the Flame -

Freebird, let you be my Name!

And another open-ended dream,

While I fall on sordid schemes.

Come in darkness, fade my Light;

Silence brings you round all right.

And Time has never come to play

Words not heard, my only say.

But in my eyes, you find No Tears,

For they live in the Silent Years.

And could you ever come with me?

Another dream lived by the Sea.

Living in my Captured Clown,

I lose laughter to the ground.

O My Lord, did'st Thou but hear?

Sweet Respite sings in my ear!

Crimson Rivers of my life,

Blades are shattered through my strife.

Another lost and lonely soul,

My life is but a Fading Toll.

Can you but see this in my eye?

Another tear I never cry.

Another day to pave my road,

I am but the Scaffold fold.

Somewhere hidden, deep and grim,

Brings me close to Satan's Rim.

Though I fight, I am near -

Tears, I shall not cry you here!

In my face, another round;

Silence is my lonely bound.

Look me in omniscient eye,

Lie to me, like You Try.

And another Angel Fell,

Plunging down the Serpent's Well.

Can I all but feign to hear?

Another message hidden here.

Should I stay, or take my flight?

Cowardice is my yellow light.

But I cannot live inside this Hell,

For it is but the Serpent's Well.

Did you know, did you see?

Another clown look'd like Thee.

And my Fear, I never share,

For I can only hope to dare.

Save my soul, to be like Eve!

From wretched apple, take my leave!

But slith'ring to my lonely spine

Is but the Satan, Serpentine,

With eyes afire and hissing tongue,

Mesmerize me before I run.

Words I found, I could not say,

Paralyzed by Crimson Rays.

Did'st Thou even come to see?

The Serpent slithers round the tree!

Strength I know, courage must

Found be in my Sacred Trust.

Should I fall or fade away,

I will stand my ground today.

From depths within, I summon up

Courage from my Loving Cup.

With God alone, I faced my Fear,

For I have only Him so near.

And another Game is played,

While I find my Words to say.

Back you Demons, from my Light!

I shall want this wretched night!

Leave my Soul, I say now here,

I feel no Pain to kill the Tear!

I do want to Live Again,

Needing not this Wretched End!

From this Hell, I come unbound,

Lost within the Silent Sounds.

Another lost but Tolling Bell,

Falling from the Church's Well.

Rocking-Horse, come my way,

I shall but live another day!






And in the essence of the Sea,

Feeling Oh-So endlessly,

Somewhere in my private shell,

Horses ride where Time will tell.

Here is what I've never known,

Keeping here, only alone.

And I ride so endlessly,

Riding only to the Sea.

Rocking-Horse, ride in my eye,

Rocking in the Silent Sky.

Rocking-Horse, ride my way,

Rocking near and never stray.

Riding in the Rising Sun,

I do leave The Lonely One.

And in the essence of the Sea,

I ride Oh-So endlessly.

I leave in the morning well,

Following my Tolling Bell.

And living here inside myself,

Rocking Horses save themselves.

Rocking Horse, I ride on Thee,

Rocking only to the Sea.

Rocking-Horse, up on the Rocks;

Nothing Gained is Nothing Lost.






I sit alone in the morning light,

I will follow the lonely night.

And though it fades and disappears,

I can always find it here.

Darkness comes, my deepest desire

And no dreams dare transpire.

And in the Burning Wrath of Hell,

Now in the distance, a Tolling Bell.

And though the meaning never clear,

I can always find it here.

And as the Sea crashes Ground,

Sounds of loneliness flutter round;

By myself, I share No Tear,

For I have never felt you near.

And though the tears you never cry,

If and when I say Goodbye,

For I have loved and I have lived;

My soul is not my own to give.

And when the Sea does never tire,

I have felt the Hungry Fire.

And love, I know, is not my own,

For I have but a shallow home.

Come closer now, closer still,

For I have but a soulless chill.

And coursing through my yellow spine

Are the words you never find.

And in the echoes of Silence,

Have we no more innocence?

And lost on me are the Wise,

For tears are Still, in my eyes.

And I have listened, known it well,

Hearing only Lonely Bells.

And my love is not my own,

But I have lived inside a home.

Come to see, I've known it well,

Once inside my Private Hell.

My own Love knows no bounds,

Coming round the Silent Sounds…

Of Rocking Horse, go their way;

Save Tomorrow, another day.

And to the Sea, I give my Life,

For alone, my wand'ring plight.

Look about me, near and far -

Should I wonder who you are?

My lone Fate, my only Master

Makes me travel even faster

Than I ever did before -

Fear ye not, an open door.

Once inside, I glance around,

For I hear no more sounds

Than a wave that hits the Rocks.

Losing Power is the Cost.

And my Love, I know no fear,

For I have always found it here.

Of the Fate, my only Fire,

And in the Darkness, we never Tire.

Looking now, there are No Tears;

Tolling Bells find me here.

And I have heard you in the Night,

I have known your soulless plight.

The meanings come, I know now clear,

For they were always hidden here

Amongst the Darkened Shadows.

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