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I Believe

a poem by thenorm


I believe that

Just For Today,

I'm okay.

I believe that

It isn't for

Just the Chosen Few,

It's for You, too.

I believe that

God Loves Me…

…I Love Me.

I believe that

For Today,

I Do Like Me.

And I believe

He has the Power

To heal my heart,

Just like I have the Power

To Rip It Apart.

I believe in Hope,

I believe in Love,

I believe in the Dream

I've been dreaming of.

And I believe in the

Happiness that I

Can't Always See,

I believe in the Good

That grows inside of me.

I believe I can walk

With a Steady Pace;

I believe there is no Pain

That We Can't Face.

And I believe

It Gets Better, and

This Shall Pass, too.

And I believe in the Good

That I see inside of You.

And I believe we can have it,

We can hold it near.

I believe what I Do,

It's so Perfectly Clear.

I believe in the Wisdom

That I know is True:

It isn't Just For Me….

…It's for You, Too.

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