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I Could Not Let You Go

a poem by thenorm


When first I learned

Your Name,

I knew.


And so,

I sought you out,

Chatted with you,

Watched you

In an invisible room.


I could contain myself.

Again, I sought you out.

And you,

Gave me ways to find you.


And so I did.


And we talked.


Your laughter was like

Music to my awaiting ears;

Your words were filled

With light, flowing

Thru my darkened soul.


I longed for you.


At last, I found my way

To your open door

And saw you on the steps

And knew that

I was home.



Miracle of all miracles,

I held you.


Like nothing I've never

Known before,

A peace filled me

As I held you in my arms.


I did not want to let you go.


And the night turned into day

And life came calling.

I had to leave,

You had to go.


I am waiting

For the day turn into night

Then back to day again

When I awake

When I sleep

And your beautiful face

Greets me like the morning sun,

Bringing me out of the night,

Illuminating my soul

Every day.


I hold you.

I feel you.

I love you.

I cannot believe

It feels this good

This right...


What else could I do

But ask,

For I could not let you go?

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