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I Never Really Knew Her

a poem by thenorm


Remember those times you used to

Dance in my mind?

Remember those times we used to

Look for a sign?

No, I never really knew her;

Not the girl you knew.

Yours was full of love,

Mine was never true.

Well, surely you remember

Those nights in the Park,

When you used to sit and tell me

The secrets of your heart.

Surely you jest, sir;

I know that wasn't me.

That was just a face, imagined,

That you used to see.

Now, come, come, my friend,

I know that it was you.

You were always so warm

And your heart so true.

You must be mistaken;

I only knew how to lie.

I could never trust,

I could never even try.

No, I never really knew her,

Who you thought was me,

Or how to love,

So can't you just let me be?

No, I never really knew her,

She would never really lie.

I never really knew her,

Since she so long ago had died.

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