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A Poem of Two Parts

by Thenorm and Morning Song


Part 1 by Morning Song

We talked for hours

that first time



Sharing a warm smile

I needed to laugh

It had been too long

since I smiled

and laughed without reserve

Then we talked again

a few nights later

And you made me laugh

some more

But through the trickle

of the telephone line

I knew that someone was

at last

listening to me

I knew that someone

cared about me

And then we met

face to face

gave a hug

such a warm embrace

I didn't want to

let you go

But eventually

that first hug


and I could not stop

touching you

just to make sure

you were real


you felt the same

We walked together

hand in hand

and held each other

oh, so close

You were there

when I needed you

the most

I needed you to see

through my hurt

through my pain

to comfort me

to hold me tight

That first night

we got no sleep

I didn't want it

to stop

I didn't want the

waking dream to end

We talked and

held each other

and touched

sparks flew

Before long

the sun had kissed

the morning dew

Where had the time gone?

So soon the sun rises.

That next morning

you had to go

I went to work

I got home and

you were gone

I thought it was a dream

some trick my mind

played on me

that such a perfect woman

could be so nice to me

could fall in love with me

could feel as deeply for me

as I do for her

Now we are betrothed

committed to each other

in such an official way

Telling the world of

our joy

our happiness

that we've found

each other at last

Our hearts reached out

long before this

but yesterday

you asked me

and all I could

say was


Most unequivocally



Part 2 by TheNorm

When first I learned

Your Name,

I knew.

And so,

I sought you out,

Chatted with you,

Watched you

In an invisible room.

I could contain myself.

Again, I sought you out.

And you,

Gave me ways to find you.

And so I did.

And we talked.

Your laughter was like

Music to my awaiting ears;

Your words were filled

With light, flowing

Thru my darkened soul.

I longed for you.

At last, I found my way

To your open door

And saw you on the steps

And knew that

I was home.


Miracle of all miracles,

I held you.

Like nothing I've never

Known before,

A peace filled me

As I held you in my arms.

I did not want to let you go.

And the night turned into day

And life came calling.

I had to leave,

You had to go.

I am waiting

For the day turn into night

Then back to day again

When I awake

When I sleep

And your beautiful face

Greets me like the morning sun,

Bringing me out of the night,

Illuminating my soul

Every day.

I hold you.

I feel you.

I love you.

I cannot believe

It feels this good

This right...

What else could I do

But ask,

For I could not let you go?

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