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Let Me Out Of Here

a poem by thenorm


Now, don't you even think

For a heartbeat

That I forgot what you were

About. Oh, I remember

And, believe you, me.

I know Your Truth.

Wait, don't you dare

Encase me in the

Fortress you design!

Hey, Someone,

Let Me Out Of Here!

What makes you think

That I

Give up so easily?

Did you think that

I would fall

For Your Passion Play

With no Passion at all?

Now, don't you Dare put

Me on that Pedestal!

Help me, Someone,

Let Me Out Of Here!

You can just go to

Hell If you think You

Can Stop My Flight.

I'll find My Way Out.

No, don't You Dare -

After all these years -

Don't You


Me Out.

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