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a poem by thenorm


We all play the Game,

Though some refuse to acknowledge

That it is Just a Game.

And we may not wear painted masks,

Celebrated faces, in all Mardi Gras

Splendor, but our faces are still

Hidden, beneath our masks.

And we dare not show who we are,

Or what we aspire to be,

For the fear of rejection

Stems from our every pore.

We all play the Game.

And I am but a bit player in this

Masquerade; never aspiring to capture

Your Trust, nor giving mine away.

And we hide behind our faces, making

Fun of those who do not believe as we do.

But this is No Fun At All.

And who shall see me Naked, when

Falls from Me my mask?

Who shall care to ponder,

Who lives and breathes as we?

And who shall stand and reckon,

As Society fades away;

Left to quote a song…

"We're lost in a Masquerade."

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