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It Doesn't Matter

a poem by thenorm


It doesn't matter and I don't care

When the cold wind shuffles, don't stop and stare.

The evening stench is thick in the air.

It doesn't matter and I don't care.

My soulless shadow hides between

The edge of twenty-two and seventeen.

But it's just a playback of a movie scene.

Don't you understand, it doesn't mean a thing?

Don't hide behind my sorrow,

Don't hide behind my tears.

Don't lie about tomorrow

And wish that you were here.

Emotions are pain, don't you think I know?

Sometimes the heart just overflows.

But living in sorrow is no way to go.

You always say goodbye, so don't say hello.

Leather wrinkles much like my face;

So much pain I can never erase.

Try and find someone to take my place -

You'll find no love in your silky lace.

Don't run to me tonight;

Don't come to me to fight.

Don't keep me in your sights;

Don't do it, 'cause I might.

Standing alone by the flowing sea,

Truth is pain inside of me.

I know you lied so effortlessly

I've closed the door, thrown away the key.

It doesn't matter and I don't care…


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