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My Attention

a poem by thenorm


i prefer to think

that God talks to me

if i listen

when i listen…

…and sometimes…

He whispers.

and i reply, in

my infinite wisdom,

"no God, not now…

…i'm having too

much fun..."

and i walk on


He Loves Me…

He Lets Me.

and i wander down

and He talks some

more…a little

louder….this time

but i still say

"not now, God.

it only twinges."

and i walk on

in the Pouring Rain

and God says one

more time…"Girl,

what are you gonna do?

Get out of the Pouring


and this time…because

The Rain has slashed my face

i agree.

"Okay, God," I answer

as i stare into The Sky.

"now that You've got

My Attention,

where do i go

from Here?


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