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Be Patient

a poem by thenorm


the cool, winter rain

taps upon my window

as the shades of nightfall

fall around me.

come be my blanket.

surround me,

comfort me

in the darkness,

in the shadows.

come be my blanket.

as the moonlit tears

fall down my glass,

my soul -

listen, my friend.

the soft melody

carried by the wind

is around us

and the trees dance and sway.

walk with me,

beside me.

be patient.

be my friend.

understand this moment


is not forever.

it is now.

i share with you

what is mine

and what i have

and what i have right now

this stitch in time

is friendship.

walk with me.

be my blanket,

my comfort on this darkened night

and know

this night is not forever.

it is only now.

be patient, my friend.

be patient.

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