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a poem by thenorm


Little reminders

Of things that came to pass.

Like the Garfield I gave you for Christmas

And your life that didn't last.

How I miss your little smile

And your twinkling eyes of cheer.

I often wonder how it would be

If you had made it this year.

Looking at the stars tonight,

Listen, Father Time.

I do not curse God or You

For taking what was mine.

But I miss his little dimples

And laughing through the day.

I wish to change that Saturday,

But know better, any way.

I know he had a higher call,

A finer place to be.

But I miss my little nephew;

I hope you have made him happy.

Dear God in Heaven, hear my wish,

If this only one.

Let me see his smiling face

In the morning sun.

Please remember, he was young,

Too young to do any bad.

Please let him walk thru the Pearly Gates,

So we remember him, not sad.

Thank You.


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