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Day Dream

a poem by thenorm


The cool, spring air

Kisses my skin

And I think of you.


Your soft caress,

Your warm embrace.


I am captivated

By your smile,

I am enraptured

By your style,

The way you

Turn a phrase or two,

Lift your eyebrow,


In my direction.


I am tantalized

By your hands,

Your lips,

Your tongue -

Your breath upon

My skin,

Mouth upon my nipples,

Hand upon my face.


I am enticed by

Your beauty,

Your grace,

Your mystery.


And with all the

Passion that I feel,

That flows between

You and I,

It is merely


An extension,

An expression,

If you will,

Of the love we share.


And I am comforted,

For I know

You and I

The We

I've longed to find,

The Woman I thought


Only in my mind

Is here,



And I am blessed.


I am truly blessed.

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