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Hide Behind Her Skirt

By thenorm

Hide behind her skirt.
Go on, go ahead -
That's what you need to do.

Start a fire
Without water,
Without a fireline
For safety.

There she is,
Once again, stuck;
Left holding the bag.

Have you no thought,
No clue
Or consideration
What your actions do?

You've done it
Once again.

And there she is,
Alone, in the crowd
Trying to sweep up
The mess
That you've created.

Oh go on, go ahead -
Think of no one
But yourself
And the glass you
Tend to look thru
Magnifies your pride.

Hide behind her skirt,
As she cries once again,
Cutting herself
On broken glass,
Her soul upon the ground.

You said you were different,
But her pain still crashes in.

So go on, go ahead -
Hide behind her skirt.
That's all you ever did
And all you'll ever do.

You said
You Were Different.

I have news for you:

You're Not.


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