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The Human Race

a poem by thenorm


And the difference does not matter

To souls that’ve never known

Of perserverance tattered

In the world in which they roam.

Spirits rule the planet Earth

And runt the test of the time.

Watching over our rebirth,

What is lost, we do not find.

The sea rises in angry turmoil,

Luna mocks the army of waves.

Alone, does the sea fall and toil

With ideas of faking braves.

The heaven lie dormant, waiting

For mortals to combine.

People are found hesitating

And the only love is pined.

Is there no face?

God save the human race!

One day, we must impress

The entirety of our distress;

Of Trust that should transpire

And friendship never tire.

Are we doomed, damned to Hell?

Have we missed the Tolling Bell?

We hang our heads in disgrace

For only we can save the Human Race.

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