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My Mind's Eye

a poem by thenorm


I see you

With my mind's eye.


I feel you,

Your warm embrace,

Your gentle touch,

Your soft, glowing skin.


And your long tresses

Blow in the wind

As I am captivated

By your gaze,


By your words,

Held fast

By your truth.


And I move closer,

For I must know.


Your body sways

Like water,

Flowing with

Dancer's grace.


And I am entranced

For I see you

And I know you.


My heart quickens pace

As I take your hand in mine

And stare deeply

In your eyes.


You look back

With such confidence

Such a sultry gaze

And I fear I cannot

Catch my breath.


Oh, to have you -

Now, this very moment.


But I cannot,

For I must wait.


Your nipples press against me

And excite me,

Your body gently rocks with mine

And delights me

And I am spellbound

By the web of love

You weave.


Oh, I crave you -

How I crave you -

But you take gentle hold

Of my roaming hands

And kiss them softly,

Slowing me,

Tantalizing me.


And I pull you close

As the heat of passion

Between us fans

Like a blazing inferno.


You say the words

I read in your eyes.


Words I long to hear

And hear often,

With such completeness,

Such truth

And I answer back

With much the same.


I love you, too.

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