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One Nation

by thenorm

In the scheme of things, 
It takes a moment,
Perhaps an hour.

So quickly to destroy,
To try and debilitate.

As ashes, soot, 
Wind and rain
Choke survivors,
Slash the rescuers,
Time takes time.

So much easier
To hide away in a corner,
To seek to destroy
From parts unknown,
Killing those,
Maiming those
Who might have been
Your Friend.

A coward's way.

Let us now not see
You, the coward,
Craven in your corner,
Protected by a hand
You will one day bite
Because that is
The way
Are made.

Let us look, instead,
At the victims, 
The heroes,
Banded together
Across this land.

Let us see 
What you cannot 
Hope to understand.

We are one nation;
Not one religion,
Not one way of life,
But One Nation
One Nation 
Under God.

You think
You win
But you lose.

We are one.

One Nation
Under God,
Whomever that God
May be.

One Nation,